Don't be afraid of Carbs!

Currently there are over 500 YouTube videos saying that any and all forms of carbohydrates should be removed from the diet. Science has shown for years that where carbohydrates are very energy rich, they also come with multiple vitamins and minerals that the body needs while also helping the body function properly. So why are we telling people to eliminate the carbohydrate?

The answer is that carbohydrates are no longer being consumed as natural carbohydrates. When was the last time you saw someone drizzle olive oil on a potato, bake it, and pinch sea salt on the top of it and eat it like that? Probably not in a while. Potatoes usually come fully loaded with butter, bacon, sour cream, cheese, and another crazy toping you can think of. Some restaurants take the beautiful sweet potato and dress it with butter, cinnamon, white sugar, marshmallows and pecans. A potato is not dangerous and will not cause weight gain. Nor will rice unless you purchase it in the pre-made bags which usually have the rice rolled in canola oil, which clogs the liver and causes fat storage.

The message is please don’t be afraid to eat natural carbohydrates, just do not modify them so much that you can no longer tell it’s a carbohydrate. And if this is too difficult for you then you can cut the carbohydrate out completely, but remember you are missing out on important vitamins and minerals and possibly some quality energy.