Fighting Obesity

Obesity is the result of consuming an excess of daily calories above what your body uses through movement and exercise, in combination with harmful substances causing disease to the cells in the body and disabling the liver from properly processing fats (in which case they store). Sometimes a person has become psychologically addicted to sugars which, as we discussed in a previous post, causes an excess of over eating of those substances or any substances which possess these products in them (more than you can imagine).

Another side of the story is that consuming excess amounts of sugars may not be the culprit. Food is in high abundance in the United States, and with food being in high abundance means we will be drawn to eat amounts that we are not supposed to eat. For a moment, I would like to discuss the human genetic biology. The human body is very efficient on functioning with very little food. Our bodies enjoy consuming saturated fat because in an environment where food is sparse the fat will store on the body and be used for energy later. To put things in perspective, the fat in one of your ear lobes could probably fuel your body for an entire day. When calories are consumed excessively the storage of fat on our bodies grows excessively as well. This also leads to obesity.

Vigor Active is aware that this is a sensitive topic for most, however we approach this issue with a full understanding for the condition. We have helped multiple clients escape from obesity through proper coaching on nutrition education, and well programmed progressive exercise regimens. Please come see us if you’d like to make the change. Learn More about our programs here.

ObesityStephen Newhart