Nutrition Labels Today

With Facebook, YouTube, and other forms of social media being the easy go-to education source for the public, nutrition education can also be largely misconstrued just as easily as exercise information. The truth behind nutrition is just as true as healthy eating recommendations were 50 years ago, but the packaging system and ingredients of foods has drastically changed. Understanding these facts can help individuals make heathy food choices.

Our foods have not changed, but the ingredients food manufacturers use to try and entice food consumers to eat that product again have widely changed. The goal and purpose of all food manufacturers is to have people choose their product and continue consuming it to make more money. I cannot fault them for this, being in business myself. However, what is occurring is not what the manufacturers intended which is an abnormal human state which leads to more doctors’ visits and diseases. Most food consumers in America trust what is in their food will not harm them, therefore we consume food blindly and blame our body’s metabolism or our genetic code. News flash everyone, our genetic codes are all the same and the human body was created to be perfect, thin and disease free. Please read about sugar, canola oil and high fructose corn syrup in our later blogs.

This post was created by Stephen Newhart, M.S. Exercise Physiology with a credit to Dee McCaffrey

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