Sugar. The Real Enemy.

The first question is “Why is simple sugar in everything?”. We are going to keep this answer very simple for everyone, and that answer is “to make food tastier and make you want to eat it more”. Now that we have that fact out of the way, we can dive a little deeper into this. The more alarming fact about simple sugar is that it sparks a neural pathway in your brain which makes you think you must eat it again soon of you will not live on. That neural pathway being opened can even drive some people to think only about eating sugar and nothing else. Have any of you out there wondered how someone can consume an entire case of sugar soda in a day? Did some of you know that was even a real thing? It is real and it is scary because this diseases people and causes them to have a poor quality of life. This tiny little consumable product can essential destroy a life if it is over consumed the way some use it.

The worst part about the sugar epidemic is that most sugars used in sodas, deserts, etc., are the white refined version (as opposed to organic cane sugar). White refined sugar has been bleached which gives it it’s white coloring. This bleach enters the body and can greatly harm all the cells in your body which cause them to become inflamed. You have heard of an “anti-inflammatory diet” I imagine. These diets look to remove anything harmful from the diet which can cause distress to your body cells. Where organic cane sugar is a better option, it is still very high in energy so please use it sparingly.