Vitality Program–Proof it works!

Kathleen is proof the Vitality program works! See her testimonial and results below.

"Four and a half years ago, I began training with a Vigor Active fitness professional with the goal of improving my bone density and getting my weight down. I was diagnosed with Osteopenia and was steadily gaining weight each year. After one year of training, I had lost 17lbs, 14% body fat, and 4" around my waist. One year later, by lifting heavier weight and using plyometrics with my expert trainer's guidance, I received my first normal bone density test! Along my fitness journey, I chose to see a cardiologist to check on the health of my heart, since some of my family members had died of heart attacks. The doctor told me I had no risk factors and was very healthy, but suggested I get a CT Scan, just to be sure. The CT Scan revealed that I did have a calcium deposit in my heart. The news reinforced my determination to continue weight training, working hard, eating a clean diet to keep my heart healthy and my bones strong. My CT scan last year revealed that I am no longer contributing to the calcium deposit in my heart. My cardiologist told me, 'Keep doing what you are doing to be fit and healthy, no statin prescription is needed.'As I continue to train at Vigor, my bone density has increased, my blood work stats have improved and are holding, my heart is healthy and I am in the best physical shape of my life! Thank you, Vigor Active!"





                                              Before:                             After:

Body Fat                             27.4%                               14%

Weight                               137 lbs                              122 lbs

Waist Circumference       26.75 in                            24 in

Hip Circumference           37 in                                  34 in

Back Squat Strength        45 lbs                                115 lbs

Bench Press Strength      30 lbs                                 100 lbs

Bone Density                    Osteopenia                        Healthy 

Stephen Newhart