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Peace and light! I am Kurt Ray and my love for massage began some years ago. My mom, who at the time had severe joint and muscle problems, was struggling with constant pain. I looked into massage and figured this could be a way to help with her pain management.

During my school internship, I was massaging my mom and praying that God heal her body at the same time. While still on the table,  my mom looked back at me and asked, "Who is that?".  Confused, I asked, what are you talking about? She said that she felt two sets of hands going up her back and two more sets of hands going down her back. I was in the room alone and at that point I knew that this was bigger than me.

In honor of that moment, "Four Healing Hands" later came to be the name of my first independent massage business. Shortly after, my mom stopped having those issues and remains mostly pain free today. It was then I knew my journey had begun.

I started my career in massage therapy at the Fort Worth School of Massage and upon graduation, continued on to The Institute of Natural Healing Sciences, specializing in Sports massage therapy. Completely passionate about the field, a year later I went on to Sterling Health Center to pursue additional training in Neuromuscular Therapy.

Currently, I can be found at Vigor Active. I have been at this location over the last 10+ years. In that time, I  have also worked for Texas Christian University,  USA Track and Field International Team, and a variety of private clients in the athletic community.

My clientele spans a wide variety of people and consists of professional athletes from the NFL and NBA, college to high school kids and also just everyday people who want to have a active lifestyle and a healthy wellness program.

I believe that we should all strive to be our best selves by putting a focus on living a happy, healthy and blessed life by means of self care. Cheers to you all having an enlightening day.