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Hi! My name is Robbie Bagby. I am a coach. Why do I consider myself a coach? Because my purpose in life is to help others reach their greatest potential. To inspire. To change lives. To create Impact! Do I help clients get stronger and build more muscle? YES! What about shedding a few unwanted pounds? YES! Enhance athletic performance? YES! Just want to move better and feel good? Got it covered!

How do I go about this?

By writing programs based on scientific and practical research. By focusing on safe and effective strength and conditioning movements. By directing attention to tiny habits that build up to massive changes over time. By challenging the body and the mind to a point that change has to happen.

About Me

My family recently moved back to DFW after spending a few years down on the South Texas coast in Corpus Christi. My small, but awesome, family includes my amazing wife, our beautiful 2-year old, Lily, and another little one on the way!

While down in Corpus, I obtained my Masters Degree in Sport and Exercise Science. During this time, I trained at a private facility where I worked with a multitude of youth and high-level athletes. In addition, I was an Adjunct Professor at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi while training the golf and dance teams as a graduate assistant.


Client testimonials

I had reservations in regards to the issues with my knees and shoulder. One knee replacement and the other with bone on bone arthritis while the right shoulder lacked range of motion and had some qualities of impingement. Training with Robbie changed these reservations. I regained motion in my shoulder (pain free!) as well as stronger and more flexible legs and knees. My overall balance, strength, and flexibility improved as well.
— Remy Ellison, Coaching client-athlete
I have been training with Robbie for three years now and have seen a significant difference in my athletic performance. I’m a multi-sport athlete, participating in varsity cross country, varsity track, and varsity soccer, and work with Robbie year-round. He is able to alter workouts to accommodate me, ensuring I remain injury free and at peak fitness.
— Maurine Sacky, Parent of coaching client-athlete
My main physical concerns before working with Robbie were decreased energy and an increase in weight and fat. I was 46 at the time and felt like I needed to get in shape before it became even more difficult due to my age. Once I started working with Robbie, I was very happy to have found someone that I enjoyed working with.  Robbie is extremely knowledgeable and is serious about fitness and health, but still makes it fun.
— Victoria Anderson, Coaching client