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Roxanne got into Bikram Vinyasa yoga about a year ago through a contact from her modeling career. Her modeling coach recommended she go to a class to help her learn more about her body and how it functions doing certain poses. Ever since that moment, yoga has been a huge part of Roxanne's life, and is pursuing it as part of her life long career. Roxanne made the commitment to become an instructor and spread the love she has for yoga to her clients and followers. Roxanne's elevated certification required her to study for 8 months at the Yoga Yoga training program in Austin, TX. The course offered 200hr requirement of sequencing, language, hatha training and intense classroom skills necessary to teach flows and practice. It also included safe and effective teaching practices to provide a strong foundation to prevent injury in the classroom. Roxanne's goals are to continue her education and achieve her 500hr certification, then 800hr certification to become a yoga physical therapist. Roxanne is excited to work with all who have interest in a groundbreaking yoga experience.