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Ashley is a trained, licensed massage therapist. Her love for helping others drives her passion in the profession as she works to progress further into advanced sports therapy. Ashley will complete her Exercise Science Bachelor’s Degree at The University of Texas at Arlington in the Spring 2019, giving her a strong background in human anatomy and physiology.  Through combined education and hands on experience, paired with over a decade of dedication to fitness and bodybuilding, she has built a strong working knowledge of muscular function and dysfunction.  She understands that every individual is unique and will present with equally unique musculoskeletal issues. Many times, a one size fits all approach, which many commercial spas implement, result in sub-par treatment outcomes.  However, a session with Ashley is catered to each individual’s needs for that particular appointment.  You take care of your body through strenuous exercise and physical activity, now take advantage of optimal muscular function and stress relief through the scientific and systematic manipulation of the soft tissues, that is massage therapy.