Science based exercise made personal.


We think different.

We believe any form of exercise or movement can be prescribed safely and effectively. Weight loss and strength improvements should not be painful, but enlightening and fulfilling. We offer scientific exercise methods to the community looking to make life changes.

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Let's talk science.

At Vigor Active, we promote activity over fitness. We will prescribe activity which best suits your preferences and needs. This activity will give you strength, perform proper cardiovascular fitness, increase your hormone levels, relieve pain, or correct muscle imbalances. Exercise has a scientific method, so isn’t it time we apply science to how we use the most important thing to us–our body?

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The Vigor trainers know how to truly challenge your body and get you into wonderful shape, and are very good at recognizing the strengths and limitations of each client individually. They are highly motivating, and never use anger or aggressiveness to attempt to motivate their clients.
— Erin (30)
My trainer at Vigor Active puts such careful thought and planning into each workout, pushing my limits each and every time. With her expert guidance, I have become much more in tune with my body and its limitations and abilities. After a few short months, I am noticeably more toned, even in my trouble areas.
— Amy (44)