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Vibration Platform Training is proven to improve flexibility, balance, motor control, strength and power.


What is Vibration Platform Training?

Whole body vibration training is a mode of exercise developed to bring a de-conditioned (dormant) body back to full functioning. For the fully functioning or athletic body, this mode of exercise provides recruitment of dormant nervous system which still provides huge benefit and anti aging qualities.

How do I sign up to use the platforms?

Vigor Active hosts whole body vibration classes on Monday, Thursday and Fridays. Club membership is required to attend classes. Please call or stop in to get signed up. All other club amenities included with membership.


here’s the proof.

What are the benefits of Vibration Platform Training? This effortless exercise improves bone density, flexibility, balance, motor control, strength and power. Multiple peer reviewed journal articles have shown these results for over a decade.

bone density

Quantity and Quality of Trabecular Bone in the Femur Are Enhanced by a Strongly Anabolic, Noninvasive Mechanical Intervention


Effects of whole body vibration training and mental training on mobility, neuromuscular performance, and muscle strength in older men

bone density

Acute changes in neuromuscular activity in vertical jump and flexibility after exposure to whole body vibration


Whole-body vibration training improves balance control and sit-to-stand performance among middle-aged and older adults: a pilot randomized controlled trial


Impact of Whole-Body Vibration Training Versus Fitness Training on Muscle Strength and Muscle Mass in Older Men: A 1-Year Randomized Controlled Trial


Whole-Body–Vibration Training and Balance in Recreational Athletes with Chronic Ankle Instability


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