Dear Fitness Professionals,

As a group of life long fitness professionals, we are aware of what many fitness facilities require of trainers. High pressure sales and meeting monthly budgets may take you away from what you love to do–train people and help them achieve results. At Vigor Active, your primary objective is to take care of your clients and produce their desired results. We do not require heavy sales of products.

At Vigor Active we want to provide the healthiest environment for fitness professionals to thrive both personally and professionally. We hire the top professionals who were born to be personal trainers and love what they do.  We also require fitness professionals with multiple years of experience as well as nationally accredited certifications. We also encourage continuing education, some of which we will provide through in house training as well as local conferences.

We value our members and clients the most; therefore, we employ fitness professionals who are dedicated to the communities lifelong health and wellness journeys.   We are constantly looking for new and innovative aerobics instructors for group fitness classes and meeting the needs of our members.  Our guest services team is dedicated to providing the best hospitality to each member that walks in the door.  

If you are looking to make a difference in exercise science and help the community meet their wellness initiatives, we're the place for you.

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