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Meghan holds her Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Nutrition from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. She has completed 46 marathons, including the Boston Marathon, 61 half marathons and several sprint triathlons. Meghan is a 14-year experienced personal trainer who has found her niche in returning the injured aerobic athlete to competition and furthermore reaching a higher competitive level for them, along with helping individuals repair and correct mobility/function.  She holds certifications from ACE, The Cooper Clinic and the NSCA.

Client Testimonials

I was referred to Meghan after having back surgery that left me unable to run (even short distances). Meghan took the time to develop a personalized and comprehensive training schedule that included goals that exceeded what I thought was possible after my surgery. At each stage of my recovery, Meghan provided goals, outside of my scheduled 1:1 weekly training times, that pushed my abilities. More importantly, she routinely checked on my weekend training and recovery to ensure my workouts weren’t having adverse effects. Meghan’s
education, continuous skills enhancement and personal experience approach to training allowed me to build the necessary core strength to go from short runs to completing a half-ironman distance triathlon.
— Chris (49)
Imagine for a moment. You are in your early 40’s, you have a stressful job, and you’ve just slipped a disc in you back. You’ve had knee surgery, and an ankle reconstructed. As well you have always suffered from asthma and poor eating habits. I trained with Meghan for several years. She developed a plan for me and then executed. We both decided that besides weight training I would need to incorporate some cardio. We started slow, as she helped me develop the muscles and the balance I would need to be able to run. It was a difficult road but she encouraged me through literally every step. She even went and ran races with me to keep me going. At one point she was shouting, “You can do it James”, and before long a whole group were shouting with her.
— James (43)
I joined gyms and worked with personal trainers, but their programs always seemed cookie-cutter and not based on my needs. Then I met Meghan Hennessey. She listened to what I wanted to work on, evaluated where I was and built a custom program (just for me) that would get me to where I wanted to be. She was always positive, non-judgmental and encouraging. She has help me be a better me – I’ve set goals and reached them, I’m healthier, I sleep better, and I enjoy life more than ever before.
— Larry (48)