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Stephen Newhart has 15 years of fitness experience with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Kinesiology. Stephen is a Doctor in Kinesiology with a focus in movement and rehabilitation sciences. Stephen's research focus is exploring the effects of whole body vibration on general population body function, bone density, neural activity and strength.

Stephen approaches training with compassion and understanding for those who do not currently benefit from health and wellness. His goal is to continue helping transform people’s lives through applied science-based knowledge and training, while continuing to grow his Centers with the most qualified professionals in Texas. Stephen takes pride in his staff, and considers himself lucky to grow, teach, and learn with every professional he works with.


Client testimonials

A fitness professional at Vigor Active is everything you need in a personal trainer: educated, patient, encouraging, and skilled. They always keep your workouts fresh and progressively push your body beyond what you could do (or would have done) on your own. They are excellent with working with injuries and increasing weights as you grow stronger. Over the past four years, I have weight trained with a staff member from Vigor from once a week to three times a week depending on my goals and schedule. I am dramatically stronger, have more tone, and have greater definition at age forty than I did when I was twenty.
— Susan (40)
When my trainer at Vigor began working with me, he started by listening to what my injuries were. He then began to strengthen those areas, while challenging me to move forward. Over time, we were able to better balance the strength across all the muscle groups. I am now stronger than at any time in my life and am able to pursue all my favorite activities, without many of the limitations that existed two years ago. None of the previous joint or muscle pain are even a consideration in my daily activities.
— Mace (58)